To help clients create value, by offering excellent services as your business partners and knowledge managers who drive company success.  Outstanding service is at the heart of everything that we do. Our unparalleled advice, backed by experience and expertise, sets us apart from the typical talent acquisition or consulting firm.



Our logo represents the agave plant or century plant. The agave plant is substantive and comes in hundreds of species and sizes. The plant can take up to 70 years before it starts to flower, is remarkably pest and disease free, and requires little maintenance.

Service Offerings



We offer Consultants with expertise in niche markets to help clients deliver fast, high-quality results.


Talent Acquisition


The firm provides  recruiting and executive search services, for full-time, mid to senior executive-level job opportunities. 

Supplier Diversity


Boomers Consulting, LLC is classifed as the following:  WOSB, DBE, MBE, SB/SDB


Cage Code: 6TY97

Engineering Services, Computer Systems Design Services, Other Computer Related,  Other Science and Technology Consulting Services, Employment Agencies, Executive Search Services, Temporary Help Services, HR Consulting, Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services 

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